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School Supplies

Many children in Ugandan schools can’t afford the basic school supplies for a proper education.  Imagine trying to take notes and understand a lesson when you don’t have a pencil or paper to write on.  Children want to learn, they just need the proper tools.  At each school where Books are the Beginning has provided a library, schools are given school supplies for their children to use.  Pencils, pens, paper, rulers, exercise books, pencil sharpeners, scissors and chalk for the teachers are all provided.

The excitement and joy from the students and staff when presented with these simple tools is priceless.  A simple pencil can make a tremendous difference in a child’s education.

Donations are needed to help us provide these supplies.

Science is an educational field that needs to be enriched in all areas of our world.  Globally, science is going to help us solve problems.  BATB is currently partnering with Indiana I-STEM Resource Network, a department of Purdue University, to provide practical science lessons that are aligned to the Uganda national curriculum. I-STEM Resource Network is working with our team of volunteers and the teachers at Lulwanda as they begin to transform the way science is taught in the Ugandan classroom.  For the first time, inquiry based lessons are being taught in the classroom.

Pencils Delivered
Pens Delivered
540 Rulers Delivered
Reams of Paper Delivered
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Take a minute and listen to 2 Uganda students as they describe how science lessons have impacted their education.

Seeing the excitement and joy of receiving a simple pencil from the students and staff is overwhelming.

Mike Thrasher - President


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