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Scholarships allow a teacher to advance their education.

Books are the Beginning provides scholarships to teachers in Uganda to help further their education.  Many Ugandan teachers don’t have the proper training and certification.  Teachers at Lulwanda Primary School were not able to complete their formal education due to the cost of tuition. BATB offered its first scholarship to the librarian at LPS and in December, 2013 expanded its scholarship program to thirteen other teachers at Lulwanda. Each teacher completed a course of study to increase their educational skills by completing a certificate, diploma, or a degree.

Teachers at all our Uganda schools are awaiting acceptance into the Teacher Scholarship Program.  A new term for advanced education begins each January.

Funding is desperately needed to support this project.

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Listen to a Uganda teacher whose teaching career was improved as a result of receiving a scholarship to further his education.

By furthering their education, teachers build their self-esteem and provide our students a higher level of instruction.

Mike Thrasher - President


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