Time To Go Home

Working in a third world country is challenging.  Over the years I have learned patience is truly a virtue when working in Uganda.  For most of this trip I have tried to remain calm and accept the fact that nothing moves fast here.  There is a lot of waiting.  The shipment of the books for Sunrise Primary School has been my most challenging shipment in the last 10 years.  Expecting a 60 day travel time with 30 days to spare before the team arrives in Uganda, it turns out to be a 90+ day journey.  The books took the scenic, around the world trip to Uganda.  Now, I learned of the delay before I left the U.S. and extended my time by one week.  Should have been 2 weeks.  Delay after delay, problem after problem, government bureaucracy, and time has been spent the last 7 days working to get the books delivered and cleared from customs.  Just when you think it has all worked out, another issue arises.  As I sit here on Thursday night in Uganda, the books remain in the warehouse in Kampala awaiting final clearance.  When will that happen, your guess is as good as mine.  I pray that tomorrow is the day, but after the last 2 days sitting and working on the issue, I don’t hold much hope.  I must fly home on Saturday so I am making all the arrangements to have our Lulwanda librarian, Favour, be in charge of unboxing the books and arranging the library with help from the older Lulwanda girls.  I am giving up control of this project to her for the completion of the library.  I know she will do a great job and put my trust in her to get the library up and going.  As Mary just told me, God is in control.  His plans are not always our plans.  There is a reason why all this has happened and I won’t be around to see it’s completion.  I am Moses, not getting to go into the promised land.  I will return to see it’s completion another time.

Thank you for all your support and prayers during this process.  My strength comes from my family and friends.  As Mary also reminded me, God called me to this ministry.  I must keep the faith and carry on with sharing the love of God and books with children and adults around the world.  Pray for a good nights rest, resolution to the clearing tomorrow and safe passage back to the airport and back home to the U.S.  I am tired physically and mentally.  What stories I will have to tell.

Is This The Day?

Today may be the day I set eyes on the books. It has been a long journey that began with the books leaving San Marcos on March 29. They sure took the slow boat to Uganda.

I dropped the team off at the airport on Friday for their return home not knowing one of the team members had become ill and would require hospitalization on their stopover in Dubai. Many of the children at Lulwanda had been ill with a flu like symptom, and this is what he contracted. Glad to say he has recovered and returned back home to the U.S.

I have spend my time problem solving. The Uganda government changed the rules last year (which no one told me about) on clearing the shipment at the Kenya/Uganda border. Jimmy and I spent all day Saturday and Monday running down people who had the specific information we required to make things happen. On Monday I was not sure if the books would be allowed into Uganda due to an issue with the paperwork. Needless to say, my patience had run out and as Mary would say, my tone of voice was not nice. At 7pm on Monday I finally had the correct information and the truck was allowed to proceed to Kampala for final clearing. Jimmy and I will travel to Kampala today to clear the books and pay whatever customs taxes are owed. Hopefully I won’t have to sell a kidney (which they probably won’t take) to release the books. My prayer is this process will be completed quickly so the truck can return to Kerekeren tomorrow and we can begin offloading the books and setting up the library. There are still some unknowns as to how long all this will take, so please continue to pray when you awake and read this post. I may only have one day to unbox and organize the library as I fly out on Saturday. Mary keeps telling me to have faith and it will happen which is what I am trying to do.

One thing I did get accomplished yesterday is purchasing and installing carpet in the Covenant Primary School library. Due to their proximity to a nearby road under construction, dust consumes the library and books. The carpet will help keep the dust to a minimal when cleaning the floors. Thank you to the donors who donated to this project.

Time to head to Kampala. I will update you with photos of the books when they are in my possession. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

New Carpet at Covenant

Saying Goodbye

Today was a bitter sweet day for the team.  We closed out our time at Lulwanda with a relaxing morning enjoying the cool breeze looking out over the compound.  We had time to visit with the staff and children during tea time.  We all exclaimed this was the first year to be able to relax the last day.  Mike told them to enjoy it, relaxed Mike may not be back next year, slave driver Mike might return.

The afternoon was full of singing and dancing.  Jaci lead the students and staff in Bible Study.  She is destined to be a great minister.  Mike presented the entire home staff with a certificate of appreciation for all their hard work.  The teachers also received a certificate.  The teachers that completed the Books are the Beginning Teacher Scholarship program received a special certificate complimenting them on their hard work completing their studies.

The day was completed with chocolate milkshakes for dinner.  A special treat from Mike.

The team departs Mbale tomorrow morning for some shopping in Jinja before heading to Entebbe.  Their plane departs Friday afternoon for the long trip home.  Mike will remain another week awaiting the shipment of books, which should arrive sometime next week.  Continue to pray for swift transit from Kenya.  The students and staff at Sunrise are anxiously awaiting the books.

Our time here has been full but productive.  Uganda holds a special place in most of our hearts.  We look forward to returning.  Thank you for your prayers and support while we have been gone.  We feel your presence every day.

This will be the last blog posting until the books arrive when Mike will post a Hallelujah report.  See you all back home.

The Blessing of a Pencil


On occasion God makes his voice heard and his will known to us in ways we may or may not understand.  We made this trip for two reasons, one to teach science at Lulwanda Primary and the other to bring a new library to Sunrise Primary School.  We have managed to complete one of those goals and the other is still in the hands of God as the books for the library travel rather late from the port in Kenya to our base in Mbale.  These folks have waited for a year to see this come to pass.  The room is ready and the shelves are ready.  We have the library complete but for the books.  We have worked with the staff to get them prepared to use the library.  We are ready, but God has put a pause on this event.  We might ask him why, but we are sure that His will is for us and these books to wait.  We are determined though that we have a mission of God’s choosing and today we watched his mighty arm and his strong right hand bring His will to pass.

While we worked at Sunrise last week, we attended classes in the rooms where we read to the students with the teachers interpreting and as we watched over the days there we saw that some students were using 1 pencil.  We found no textbooks.  We saw no supplies, no paper in some rooms, no curriculum posters, and no charts.  Then a teacher says to me, “It is hard to teach with only chalk.”  God then laid on our hearts the need to provide some interim supplies.  Mike talked to Mary and through the magic of the internet we suddenly were the traveling supply wagon.  Today we took supplies to Sunrise.  Our God supplied pencils, pens, paper, erasers, notebook paper, and markers.  Every teacher received a chalk board eraser and we provide more chalk.  The reaction was loving and gracious.  We visited with the teachers during lunch and had several photo ops from the porch.  Be assured that when God intends a blessing we will listen as we become the conduit of his will.  A simple pencil will become a blessing in the hands of God.

We just need to let everyone know that our fearless leader has become a very flexible man during this trip.  We have gone to Bam twice and the coffee shop twice.  We have supplied dinner for several guests.  We have moved team members and changed our plans countless times.  We have even stopped working early today.  He has over and over responded with a smile and a yes!  Can you believe it?  We have marveled at this phenomenon.    Kathie has a picture of his “laid back” look.  Check with her for proof.

In 2013 Books Are the Beginning opened a library at the Covenant Primary School here in Mbale.  We have not been back often so this year we worked 2 days at Covenant cleaning and reordering shelves.  We know when a library goes in it requires a commitment for us and a long-term work so we are thankful to God for this very important place where children live and work.  God provides

Weights and Measures

Through God’s plan we have once again made it through many, many hours of science at Lulwanda.  Our team worked doubly hard to overcome some health concerns and worries over the many curriculum pages they had to cover but they were happy to report tonight that they were able to finish all lessons and offer re-teaching and time for questions with the teachers.  We were glad that they found our missing trunks.  We kept wondering how we were going to get all the coffee home and even contemplated how to make use of carryon luggage stuffed with beads, weavings, and bags of coffee.  Today, the science team found two empty trunks locked and stored at Lulwanda.  God provides.

Just some notes:

Nathan Green sat today at Lulwanda Primary School in Uganda in a desk from his elementary school in Monahans, TX, USA.  He was a student at Tatum Elementary School and the desks here came from Monahans ISD storage several years ago as a donation.  The furniture was unused there, wasting away in a building not in use so it was provided to the school here.  God provides.

Tomorrow we spend our last day at Lulwanda and our last night at Mount Elgon.  We are thankful for the cool evenings, the sweet friends we have made at this hotel, and the blessings of beds, baths, and beauty.  It is a place of laughter and peace.  Thank You, Mount Elgon.

Thanks to those who answered the call, supplies were delivered to Sunrise Primary School

Science Team completes 7 days of science training at Lulwanda

The Sick and the Afflicted Report and How Do You Know a Library is Being Used?


As you all know we use the motto, “Flexibility needed.”  Today was absolutely the most flexible day we have ever experienced.  We took a team of 6 on the library projects, moved 2 members to the science project, had one sick who spent the day at the hotel and have several students down with malaria at Lulwanda.  So the need for your prayers is absolutely critical for us this day.  To be truthful, we are mostly well ourselves but the malaria issue gives our team some huge concerns.

Our time together grows short, and we are busy trying to figure out coffee bags, trunk space, souvenirs, what to leave and what to take, when to do laundry (a whole issue in itself) how to finish, what supplies we can give to Sunrise, and when to purchase.  We need your prayer support tonight to overcome obstacles and be the support for the children here. Please pray for our last few days even as we plan leaving other teams here which also have vital work to be done so pray for them too.

Now about that library.  How do you know when a library is being used?  First, we discover that there are shelves and shelves of books that have not been re-shelved but just put on the Approximate Library System.  Pick a shelf and land on it in the approximate right area!  Sort of a librarian’s worst nightmare.  Did we also mention the dust…..ah, dirt?  The windows and doors do not really close tightly.  Weather strips are not generally needed because there is not a lot of wind, but as with dust anywhere, it permeates all the surfaces coming in from the little cracks at every door.  Wow, hands, clothes, necks, and oh, hands again were more than dirty and a single Wet Wipe crawled back in the package flailing and wildly screaming, “NOT ME, NOT ME.”  We were sweaty too as that wind has a prevailing direction that this library did NOT face.  The grass, which was very high, like in feet not inches, was being cut outside the door.  We sneezed and coughed.  BUT remember that this is about using the library as in, do these students use this room full of books.  Well, when we moved the books, they were indeed mixed up.  When we checked the shelving, it was wrong.  When we looked at the condition of the books we were sure that someone had been here to take these off shelves and put them back again.  That indicates reading, but the very best way to tell if a library is being used is to ask the students who learn there.  We were blown away at the classes which came in to share about reading with us.  We are beyond the moon with the progress made by these students.  We are giddy over their abilities to read.  We are completely sure that this library is being used for the glory of God alone for if a student can read, they can read the Word, and the Word is Jesus.  We know that they will know the He is the Christ.  Tomorrow we will complete what we can get done, read to the Nursery school, and work toward helping our fledgling library at Sunrise be realized.

Wait! Wait! What was the Lulwanda Team up to? The science training today was all about Weights. We were down one team member (so glad to say that Alicia is back with us tomorrow) and Nathan stood in the gap. And luckily, Nathan had played on the teeter toter with four of the children the day before and had a great first hand example to help the teachers understand gravitational pull.  All four of the team members introduced the Weight lessons to the teachers in the morning. Then cheered on the Lulwanda teachers as they taught P5 and P6 the Weight lessons all afternoon. Thank you, Rick and Nathan, for reorganized all of the science materials.

No Pictures from the Library Team – Too busy to take photos

Photos of the continuation of Science at Lulwanda


It’s a Small World After All


While traveling many miles away from home, we really are never far.  This evening just as we came down to dinner we found a large team had arrived at Mount Elgon.  We were especially interested in the fact that we saw Texas shapes on shirts from the Red Raider’s appearance in the Cotton Bowl.  We found several with LCU shirts.  Our interest getting the better of us and Jaci getting me to act as the scout, we found out that they all from the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Tx and they come every three years to this area to minister and give the students an opportunity to see a little of the world.   At the risk of sounding corny……it is a small world.  Christ’s work is pervasive.  Jesus is real.  We love a God who has created in us the need for fellowship.  We are truly blessed.


Saturday, we took time to travel to visit 4 of the secondary boarding schools where we have students studying for their diplomas.  We traveled several miles out of town for two and visited two schools nearer.  Our prayer for all travelers in Uganda is to just survive the road.  The bumpy, dirty gravel which is in the road construction brought back memories of the early times we traveled to Mbale to work at Lulwanda.  The road then was this same kind and we were overjoyed to be driving these later years on fully paved roads.  The road to Jinja is now partially deconstructed and leaves the seat numb and the teeth rattling.  BUT it is always worth the trip for the students received many items they needed including school supplies and paper, juice and sugar.  We then visited our dear student, Betty who was a special favorite of Teacher Gay.  She was so overjoyed to see us that the Sisters at the school said she ran to meet us.  She smiled and cried as we left the coaster.  She was very happy to see several of the older students who made the trip with us.  God has blessed us with this visit for we could take some requests for some school supplies she needs.  We will purchase them and return to her school on the way home.  God never forgets his children and we, being his messengers here, have a ministry for those who need simple school supplies.  We are truly humbled.

Every night including this one and several before we come to dinner in the dining room at Mount Elgon.  We have enjoyed Mongolian barbeque, ginger and carrot creamed soup, potatoes cooked every way imaginable, beans, carrots, rice, pasta, and bread.  One night we even had eggplant parmesan which was so very good and comparable to Olive Garden.  Our favorite food though is the fruit based on my personal observation of the plates we consume.  The pineapple and melon are so good and the bananas are sweet and plentiful.  We never find these to our liking in the states after a visit here.  We are spoiled!

This morning we took to the road to go to church in Lulwanda.  As usual it did not disappoint us.  Marsha says she loved it.  We sang, we prayed and we danced but let us just comment on the prayer by Francis our friend and brother in Christ whose outcry to God is more than magnificent.  He prays down the walls and knocks out the lights.  We are filled.

Jaci says, “Even God was ready for it to end.”  It was easily 15 minutes long.  “On a serious note, it was inspiring to see someone so passionate and filled with the Holy Ghost.”  No one can discount that for sure.

Glenna says, “God was listening to every word from this man after His own heart, and if you know him as we do you know there is nothing proud, pretentious, or showy.  He is a saint.”

Marsha says, “There are few I have ever met truly called by God to intercede for people.  Teacher Francis is gifted.”

Mike might have preached a shorter time than Francis prayed but we left this time of praise and worship with God blessed by the words spoken and the songs sung.  Teacher Harriet was joyful as she led the singers and we love her spirit-filled music.  Our joy was in watching so many of the students and little We are thankful.

Hospital report:  Currently everyone is vertical, can talk, and are eating dinner with us.  We all rested this afternoon taking time to refuel.  Since God made this a day of rest, who are we to argue.  We are blessed to still take care to wash hands many times a day.  Pray for our health and that of all the children we see and are privileged to hug.  We are well.

Dinner tonight brings several teams together including Pastor Morris.  We are happy to also have dinner with our students who are between terms.  They have grown so much over the years which is as it should be.  We are seeing them increase in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.  A long table filled with loved-ones who are fellowshipping together is a sight we wish all of you might see, but you will just have to be satisfied with this meager account.  We are full.

Sights from Church Today

Our oldest students.  Beautiful Young Men and Women.  Uncle Mike is very proud of who they have become.  The beautiful ladies make him look handsome!

3rd school visited Saturday whose picture did not make it to yesterday’s post.

Parents Visitation

Today’s post is being written by assistant blogger Mike

Today we became parents of the children of Lulwanda who are off at Secondary School.  Most of the children are now off at boarding school at various schools in the area.  Today was parent visitation day at 3 of the schools and we got to be parents.  Most of these students are away at school when we come in the summer so many of them we have not seen for 3 years.  We could not believe how big and old they have become.  It was a great time to talk to the children about school and life.  At the school I (Mike) visited, I had the chance to tell the children how proud I am of them and give them words of encouragement.  I have watched these children grow up for the last 11 years.  I could not be a more proud parent.

Tomorrow we have the honor of leading Sunday School and church for the children and the congregation at the church behind the children’s home.  It is always an honor to be able to preach and lead the congregation in bible study.  It will be a great day.

Here are 2 of the groups of children.


The Art and Science of Lulwanda


Today was a day of split team again but all within the confines of the Lulwanda Children’s Home.  Our science team held a full in-service conference taking in all grades at the school.  The village students did not attend today so the other 6-man team “baby-sat” the other Lulwanda kids up at the home.  We had a variety of projects that while well intentioned at times consisted of running about without purpose!  We were sat on, slept on, rolled on, sneezed on, stickered on, walked on, ridden on, and assaulted.  BUT we were not peed on….win for us!  We colored, read, designed, drew, and danced, played games, and just sat and talked.  We took the time to just sit which is rare for us while at Lulwanda.  Personally, I have always been at the school but this trip, I am working more with the students both at Sunrise and Lulwanda.  It has been a pleasant and worthwhile experience forcing me back to the pure art and science of the teach methodology.

The science team had to practice our favorite word….” flexibility.”  They just found out that the teachers needed time to finish writing evaluations for the students.  So, our intrepid team cut short lunch, hurried up the hill, and scarfed down Mama Christine’s fabulous cabbage and rice, and made their way back down the hill to complete their lesson plans, flexible as ever!

So contemplate for a moment the science as we teach how to teach.  We model and bring hands-on experiments that are designed to pique the interest of students, but in our case surely bring a level of excitement and learning to the teachers of Lulwanda beyond that which we see in the states.  They are truly genuine, and we know that their own learning experiences have not included these methods.  They have weighed and measured everything in the classrooms stacking item upon item on the scales to see the capacity and then moved outside to continue there.  They took yesterday’s carts out to try and enhance the speed and ability of them to move up and down.  Just to watch the level of their delight is often worth the trip here.  Today was a culmination of weeks of preparation and work on the part of the team and to see them excited about the teacher’s learning is GREAT!  Monday, they will continue.  This work is important for us to observe.  We know that if teachers find delight in discovering the learning how much more must we give this time to our students to touch, experience and feel what learning is about and how the mind is so very capable.

The art of teaching is not a polar-opposite to the science but is that vital part of the process which brings its own rewards coupled to the science of replication.  The art is allowing for the creativity, design and extension of the lesson to be tapped with the styles of the individual learner.  Well, that aspect today at Lulwanda included all the activities we could muster as mentioned before.  We tried to allow for students to gain experiences which will develop their God-given artistic ability.  One must overlook however the crayons on the floor, the colored pencils that needed sharpening, and the paper wrappers scattered under the tables, but the pages and pages and pages of dedicated love notes to all adults in their lives.  We each take away from a day like this a little of the artful soul of every child remembering that every child is a creation of God who in turn creates us in His image.  What a delight! We marvel at the serious way the girls take their ballet lessons and the younger students listen to the instruction of design.  We too find ourselves transported by the art of God’s world.




“Jesus Loves the Little Children” for the kids.

“Amazing Grace” for the dancers.

“Color My World” for Nathan’s project.

“Life Is a Highway” for the teachers and the teachers’ teachers.


Prayers Needed:

Health as always.

Travel for us tomorrow as we visit some secondary schools for family day.

Great rest over the weekend.

Sunday as Mike preaches and we also teach Sunday school.


The Long Arm of the Law and Deflation


Where to start?  We were so optimistic about getting those shelves completed, painted, loaded, and after some trials tied to the truck.  Now the truck that came to load those shelves looked like a refugee transport truck from World War II.  Its bed was filled with the shelves, but we wondered about it making the trip over the rough roads to the Sunrise School.  We took off after a wait while the guys found enough rope to tie the shelves down also needed because of the roads.  We leave with the truck following us.  As we traveled Jimmy, our driver and guide, made the comment that the truck was very old.  That should have been a clue!  We came to a police traffic check which we often do here.  We always just stop and the officer looks over the van and motions us on………most of the time.  This time we went past but the truck was stopped.  Not only was it old, it had no safety reflectors.  We were stuck.  A long conversation ensued between the policeman, the truck driver, and Jimmy while we watched from the van.  We stayed along the side of the road and without movement there is no air!  We were now hot and stuck.  Mike decided to go try his charm on the policeman to no avail.  The time seemed about 45 minutes when Jimmy came and moved the van back to the police station building where the truck, moved from the road, was now parked.  Our entertainment for this whole event consisted of a tree full of bright yellow weaver birds making nests.  They were good as a small respite but we bore easily.  Marsha said they were so cool looking, the birds not the cops.  Finally, the driver of the truck returned (oh, did I mention he left on a scooter to go to the bank and get the money for a fine which ensued because of the safety concerns?).  As you can tell this might be a never-ending story, but we finally went on leaving the truck to wait for the driver.  About an hour later the truck arrived at Sunrise with shelves, the next step to a library, moved into the building.  Shelving units were secured and we left with the school after a day of work.  No one was arrested, no one was incarcerated, and we all were very happy!

Just a word about the teachers at Sunrise:  The school is relatively new and many of the teachers are in training.  They are working hard and we quickly developed a report with them.  Gladys is a young woman who was orphaned early and taken in by the pastor.  She has given her life to this school.  She is a beautiful soul and we are praying for her to finish her studies.  Ivan is also a teacher with so much enthusiasm.  He just smiles all the time eager to help us, eager to teach, eager to have a library.  He teacher the P-1 class in the mornings.  He and Gladys will become a part of the new library core teachers.

Now the teachers at Lulwanda have been under the tutelage of Kathie, Mary Jane, Alicia, and Rick in the area of hands-on science.  Today they were to build balloon propelled carts from a bag of items provided.  With this experiment they were to work in a team to see whose cart would move the furthest.  The ensuing results provided us with a cell phone size video entertainment.  They first built carts with every single piece of materials they had in their bags.  The problem is that now the carts are so heavy no acceleration could be achieved.  Then they had to blow up a balloon which provided power.   Teacher Irene and Teacher Frances worked as a team and after their first attempt­­­, the cart traveled an entire 3 centimeters.  They modified the cart that eventually traveled over 800 cm.  In the afternoon, the children experienced cart engineering and were quite creative in developing various designs.  The song for today was “drive, drive, drive, let it ride”!

Tonight a cat came into the restaurant as we ate.  The floor show was the wait staff trying to get the cat out and then stay out.  We are easily entertained for a short period of time.


Songs for the evening:

“Twinkle, Twinkle” complete with sign.  Marsha

“Hokey Pokey” complete with motions. Glenna

“Rollin, Rollin’ Rollin, keep them carts a-rollin, Keep them carts a-rollin’  with balloons” for the teachers at Lulwanda

“Chain Gang” but Mike did not get arrested but we were worried.

“I’m Back in the Saddle

Again”  Sue the sick AND the afflicted.


Sunrise Primary School’s New Library Shelves (All we need is books)

Lulwanda Primary School Learning Science


Jambo, Friends


Prayers are certainly the way of God and the work of God.  Your prayers were felt today in many special ways for today we made headway into the minds.  First, kids began to understand the science lessons.  Next, Mary Jane’s knee is better.  Teachers responded to our team with more enthusiasm.  Our lessons went better all around.  Mike’s shelves are ready to be moved to Sunrise Primary.  We were a member down this morning but that member is on the mend.  Food has been good and laughter has been genuine even if Jaci did threaten to kill the blog writer for yesterday’s report.  We are well into the work!

Hymns we might sing today:

“I once was lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see.”  Mike’s glasses were scarfed up by a boy in a blue shirt with the number 14.  We made a trip to the hardware store where Mike purchased more glasses.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”  Marsha taught star and shine to the P3 students at Sunrise.

“For unto us a child is born.  Unto us a kid is given.”  Jaci witnessing a goat give birth to a kid on the side of the road.

“We are climbing Jacob’s ladder.”  Our driver, Jimmy, constructed a chair ladder by stacking two chairs on top of each other to replace the three legged ladder the folks brought us to use in hanging things in the library.

“I’ll fly away, o glory”  The science team taught parachutes but the teachers wanted to know about paratroopers so maybe their song would be, “Off we go into the wild blue yonder.”

Our weather here has been cool with partly cloudy skies.  We have enjoyed the breeze and the trips out of town to Lulwanda and Sunrise have been times of conversation and laughter as we pass the waving children who shout, “Jambo” to us.

The students we have always known at Lulwanda are growing up so quickly.  Many of them are at secondary schools across the country and we miss them.

The students we are coming to know at Sunrise are quiet, shy, and sweet.  They follow us, want to touch us, and giggle at us.  They stand at the door of the library encroaching ever so slightly into the room until we finally shoo them out.  They always return especially after lunch standing and watching, little eyes, little ears, curious faces.

Favorite foods so far:

Marsha’s is avocado and pineapple

Mike’s is the mini steak we had on Monday night..

Mary Jane’s is Mama Christine’s spaghetti.

Alicia’s is avocado or Mama Christine’s chappati

Rick’s is the beef stir fry.

Glenna’s is the banana bread at breakfast.

Kathie’s is the fresh fruit, pineapple, mango, bananas, and avocados.

As you can see we are surely eating well and I must say that we can always find a snack in our rooms too.

Lessons we are learning are that in God’s time all things come to pass.  Those books while still in Mombasa are moving on with the work.  While the science lessons require much modification, we are able to make the curriculum comprehensible and relevant to the teachers and students.  We have learned today that God is working before us and around us, and we have reason to believe that He will work here long after we are gone.  The benefits of a library for the students and teachers at Sunrise will be infinite as they learn how to explore the world through books.  They are excited to see this project through to completion while we are excited to bring them the wonder of the world through books.  We are praying about our work at Sunrise and we want to do the will of God there.  We must be open and listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Pray for our health.  Pray for our travels over the rough roads to Sunrise.  We must be mindful of goats, cows, chickens, and turkeys.  We pass bicycles, scooters, and trucks loaded with people, crops, and cows.  We must dodge pot holes and mud.  We also have countless numbers of children lining the road to wave and cry, Jambo, to us as we travel along.  Jambo is a traditional greeting like us saying, “Hi, yall.”  We end tonight and will greet the tomorrow with……Jambo, Uganda.

Science Lessons Continue at Lulwanda


Teaching a lesson at Sunrise using new books from library

Library taking shape