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Sunrise Primary School opened its doors in 2016 with over 450 students attending. SPS is located in the village of Kerekeren. Outside of Mbale, Uganda. This area does not have a primary school close by which provides a challenge for the growing village. That challenge is to walk several miles to school every day or choose not to attend school with the majority of village families choosing not to send their children to school. The school actually began under a tree four years ago and later that year expanded to a brush arbor. A year later the school moved to a somewhat structure of a classroom and now three years later, a full 9 classroom primary campus has been completed and a fully stocked library provided in July, 2017. This library is the first in this sub-county of the country. Local craftsman crafted metal shelves to hold the library books which were shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System.  Wooden tables and chairs were crafted by local furniture makers in Mbale whom BATB has worked with over the last 7 years.  The tables and chairs will provide a place for the students to read, research, and study for exams.


Sunrise Primary School is struggling to support itself due to economic problems as a result of a serious drought in Uganda.  Parents are not able to pay the school fees on time if at all.  This is putting a strain on the school and parents to supply the basic needs for the school and students.  Pencils, pens, paper, chalk, erasers, rulers, notebooks, and other basic supplies are needed.  BATB wants to supply Sunrise Primary School with enough supplies for an entire school year.